Above All, God Sees You

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The burglar had a method. He would watch the families very carefully on a
Friday afternoon and could easily see those who were going away for the
weekend. This particular Friday, he watched patiently as one family loaded
their suitcases into the boot of the car and, eventually, drove away. He
continued to wait until dark and then, very carefully, picked the lock on the
back door and let himself into the dark house. Just to be sure, he called softly into the darkness:“Hello, is anyone at home?”

He was shocked when a voice replied out of the dark,“ I see you and Jesus
sees you!”Terrified, the burglar asked again,“Who’s there?” Again the voice in the dark:“I see you and Jesus sees you!”

With shaking hand, the burglar reached for his torch, switched it on and
pointed it in the direction of the voice. His relief was instant when the
torchlight revealed the family parrot sitting in his cage.The parrot repeated,“I see you and Jesus sees you!”

With a nervous laugh, the burglar reached for the light switch and turned
them on.Then he saw it! Sitting beneath the cage, with saliva dripping from
his mouth, was a huge dog, a Doberman.Then the parrot said:“Attack, Jesus, attack!”

Moral & Thoughts

  • Stealing is a crime. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cell phone or a pencil.We have no right to take anything that does not belong to us. Eventually, we will be caught out. Once we are known as a thief, this will follow us forever.
  • Honesty is more than not lying. It is truth telling, truth speaking, truth living, and truth loving. ― James E. Faust
  • God sees all and knows all.