Be Still In The Dark – Inspirational Poem

6 Responses

  1. mandisa says:

    I l0ve the poems and I’ll like y0u guys t0 send me them every day y0u kn0w,d0 y0u guys by any chances have a b00k that c0nsists 0f these poems 0r s0mething else like a n0vel

  2. Inspirer says:

    Thanks so much Mandisa, glad you liked the poem, it’s not from any book or novel, but is written by me only.

    I write often, but not that frequently. :)

  3. Madhulita Das says:

    Hi this a good poem I liked your thoughts that you have put forward.

  4. Inspirer says:

    Thanks so much, Madhulita Das. Appreciate that. :)

  5. Cynhtia Eddy says:

    I was given this poem after I lost my job. It totally rebuilt my spirit and got me back on track.

  6. Inspirer says:

    Oh, that’s such a compliment for me. I’m so happy to hear that, so happy. So glad that I could be of some help to you.

    Thanks so much. Take care Cynthia. :)