Feeling Down – Happiness Folder Is All You Need

Feeling Down – Happiness Folder Is All You Need

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Just like we redraw money from money bank when we feel the lack of it, can we not redraw happiness from our unique but profound creation “Happiness Folder” or “Happiness Bank”?

So what is Happiness Folder?

It’s nothing, but a folder with all the good memories you share with friends, family and relatives and strangers. You get so much of it from your friends, your family, just going over things with you. The folder can contain anything that helps you rehearse the memories that you need to become happier in the long-term.

It’s easy to get bogged down in unhappy memories. In the times we’ve messed up, or the times we’ve failed at something, and so on. And amidst the discouraging thoughts, it becomes easier not to follow up with a cold email, or not to attempt a new project.

Rehearsing happy moments, moments that fill you with joy, moments that lifts your mood is the idea behind creating Happiness Folder.

Happiness Folder, just a similar creation as “Inspiration Box”, that helps you become happier.

But what to put in my Happiness Folder?

It could be anything.

  • Writing down happy or exciting moments.
  • Words of praise by friends, family, or clients.
  • Encouraging conversations with people around you, E-mails, mails and more.
  • Something humorous(it could be text, audio, video, images or anything).
  • Good times with friends.
  • Happy moment images, pictures, videos(Childhood moments).
  • Memories that makes you more confident.
  • Or a collection of articles, websites, videos that uplifts your mood.
  • Encouraging quotes, inspiring quotes that brings smile on your face.

In short, a Happiness Folder could be a collection of things that makes you happier.

These cues remind me of the times I felt on top of the world — and hopefully help me find a pattern between them, so I can understand myself better. But they’re also a sight for sore eyes on particularly gloomy days or when I’m about to attempt something out of my comfort zone. A lot of us are our own worst critics — and the Happiness Folder serves as a way to balance that out a little bit.