It is what it is

It is what it is,
as real as something,
we can hold in our hands,
we can see with our eyes closed,
a message on a brick
we are about to run into.
As real as something
that our heart has kept it aside,
but cannot anymore,
that our mind is aware of,
but reject it as a mere trifle.

It is what it is,
a message in a clear blue sky,
with our name tied to it.
here, our rejection loses ground,
away with it, goes our approval/disapproval.
we may close our eyes,
or gesture it away,
it is what it is.

Reject it,
and it follows you like a shadow.
An image of which we see,
sometimes in others,
sometimes in ourselves.
It is here and
everywhere we go.
With each turn on a path,
it deepens,
and so our ignorance.
We may close our eyes
or gesture it away further,
it is what it is,
the only way towards home.
It is bound to rebound,
until we open our eyes
and our arms to it.