Cardinal Rules For Being Human

Life is? Oh, how can I define it for you. No, I can not!

But following these rules, you sure can seek some changes in your definition of “LIFE”.

Here they’re for you to grasp and implement.

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Cardinal Rules For Being Human

  • We get only one body. We may like it or not, but it’s the only thing we are guaranteed to keep for a lifetime.
  • We will learn lessons. Since Earth is a full-time school, every person or incident is our teacher.
  • Lessons often appear as “mistakes” or “failures”. The only real “mistake” is not learning the lesson.
  • A lesson is repeated until learned. It will appear in various forms until we learn it. If we are still here, we still have lessons to learn.
  • If we don’t learn the easy lessons, they get harder. Pain is one way the universe gets our attention.
  • We’ll know we’ve learned a lesson when our actions change. Only action turns knowledge into wisdom.
  • We will tend to forget these rules.
  • We can remember anytime we wish.

Actually, these rules are edited by Dan Millman, author of extra-ordinary self help book No Ordinary Moments: A Peaceful Warrior’s Guide to Daily Life (Millman, Dan) to be included in this book, itself.

So, who’s the author and where can I read original rules?

There you’ve it, in original form.

The Ten Rules For Being Human:

  • You will receive a body.
  • You will be presented with lessons.
  • There are no mistakes, only lessons.
  • Lessons are repeated until learned.
  • Learning does not end.
  • “There” is no better than “here.”
  • Others are only mirrors of you.
  • What you make of your life is up to you.
  • All the answers lie inside of you.
  • You will forget all of this at birth.

Written by  Cherie Carter-Scott in her book, If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules. Short, but compelling read to understand and lead LIFE, in a better way.