Change what you can, and leave the rest to rust

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Develop an abundance mentality that allows what you do have to be more important than what you don’t have. Be aware of the limitations of course, but instead of letting that inhibit your creativity, let it be a catalyst for doing something extraordinary.

Take responsibility for all that surrounds you, and stop blaming your choices for getting in the way. If something is truly a problem, eliminate it. Start over. Trade it in.

Change what you can, and leave the rest to rust.

I think that the way we look at our work can influence the way we look at our lives and relationships and careers as well. An abundance mentality in those areas can be as equally important.

I learned to see the glass of water as not half full, or half empty. It was a glass of water that held as much as I poured into it. It was my choice on how much to fill it. It was my glass of water. It was perfect.