Be Still In The Dark

While they’re busy bracing up their weapons, giving power to their deeds, sane or sin, nothing matters to them, for their souls delves in darkness, for they can not see, can not sense. While they’re busy planning/plotting and connecting dots, setting their trap and bringing forth something they should not. Something they should fear. While they’re deep in dark, not one light spark, harkening to their dark lords, kneeling before them, brimmed up in their influence. While they’re not in their minds, well fooled into darkness, harming even their own light. While they’re proud of something that which has no light of its own, heart full of confidence, nothing but a mere disguise to their own destruction. Kind of confidence that shines among their own, and not a ray beyond.

While, then,

Where I was?

Completely unaware, shining in my very own light, the one which is sacred to one and all, that kneels before nothing, but God. Completely human being to friends and to even those, who’re influenced with darkness, who’re forging an act against me. Completely unaware, that such a world exists too, and few of my very own are burning to the point of nothing, but a thick soot. Completely unaware, that few of my very own are preparing something against me, something they should fear, but they know not. Completely unaware, as innocent as one young and fresh petal, full of sweet nectar. Completely unaware, in my very own stillness, simplicity, that fortunately holds the key to that door afar, beyond dark, into the Light. Completely unaware, nothing more than a bait to those. Completely unaware, COMPLETELY.

Trapped, Mauled, Victimized, By the Dark, Into the Dark, Bereaved and what not! By such beasts, no strangers,  but few of my very own, some of whom I helped, some of whom I supported, some of whom I used to spend quality time with.

Now, they’re not, for they belong to dark, now I knew. Beasts, a stranger is better than such. Evil laughs, at nothing but to its own destruction.

Aware, I’m now! Aware of the world beyond light, burning deep in dark.


HOPE! There’s always, even in dark.

Be still in dark, for you can not see, for you can not sense. Is the key, to my own self, to my sacred light. But that which has to shine, has to find a way out of dark, to his own light.

My stillness, my simplicity, is the key, is a dagger to those devils. Stillness, more powerful than any storm, for storms are short-lived, but stillness is sacred, is immortal. That where such storms ends, where they give up. Where every rustling soot settles. Such is the power of stillness.

Be still in the dark, for light is waiting for you on the other side. Be still in the dark, just let the heart glide.

Be still in the dark, for God’s with you, making ways. Be still in the dark, for those glinty sun rays.

Be still in the dark, it is transforming you. Be still in the dark, only way to beat the blue.

Be still in the dark, that’s how a soul shines. Be still in the dark, for the upcoming pleasures, divine.

Be still in the dark, appreciate your scars. Be still in the dark, afterwards, there’s no bars.

Be still in the dark, abundant light awaits you. Be still in the dark, for the one and only, holy divine to be true.

Where are they now, those beasts?

They’re burning before, and even now, will continue to raise as a thick dark soot. Such acts are no accolades, adds nothing to life. Not a badge or a medal, to be proud of.

I HOPE, they know how to be still. I can only pray.