How To Stop Worrying And Add Hours To Your Life

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What if I couldn’t make it? What if I didn’t succeed in my exam tomorrow?

Whenever “What if” takes a toll on your mind, let me remind that you’re thinking about the unpredictable future, which has nothing to do with the present moment, nothing to do with the NOW, on which you’ve no control over.


For example – Whether you worry about the exam or not, but eventually, it’s something you’ve to face, something you’ve to go through. Worrying about it, will only waste your time and energy, which could be invested in preparing for it. Worrying about the exam and not preparing, what good it is serving? Not worrying and preparing, and you’re the one to shine. It’s all in your mind. Worst case could be that you’ll get low grades, but with “worrying and not preparing”, I’m afraid to even think of the any better results.

Worry, as per the Dictionary definition is, “A strong feeling of anxiety”. Now, of what good a troubled mind is? Of what good a worried mind is? None.

Well, I say, worry about a certain problem that could be fixed. And not one fret, if you can’t fix it. There’s no reason wasting time and energy worrying about it.

I’m getting late for work, what if my car break down, what will my parents say if I skip school today. Easy peasy problems, you can overcome them easily. They aren’t the kind of things you should give your energy to. And even if you’re facing any problems(read, big problems), and there’s nothing you can do about them. Then there’s no need to worry about it all. Just a little adjustment in perspective will have you through them. Every problem you’re facing is not a mistake, but a lesson. At the end of the day, you’ll be wise and experienced, you’ll learn something from it. And I hope you do know that everything happens for a reason.

You’re, what you give your energy to. So worrying more, will bring forth more worry, resulting in more problems and even worst consequences. So, your energy is a precious role player. Direct it in the right way. Way to peace, happiness, serenity. Same mind which worries a lot, can also think of happy thoughts, beautiful people, beautiful places and all what is worth appreciating in this world. Then why not think of something that includes happiness, prosperity and success.

That’s all what I had to say. It’s you who’ve to take action, implement it in your life.

10 Steps to Stop Worrying

  • Get Busy Living – Whenever your mind is in “worrying mode”, get busy with something. Do what you love to do, devote time to your passion, devote time to what is important, and not worrying and wasting it. You want to write an article, then write it. Rather than worrying about writing an article. You’ll not get back the time you wasted worrying about what you want to do, what you want to get busy with.
  • Take Steps To Resolve What’s Troubling You – Okay, now that you’re worrying about something that you eagerly want to resolve. It’s time to take steps then. Even a small step to fix the problem would do you some good, well to some measure. Conclude and take steps that would ease your worry.
  • How About Discussing It With Friends/Family – Talk it out with friends or family. Who knows who would enlighten you up with a solution. Sometimes, sharing your problems with friends/family would ease your mind to some extent.
  • Write About It – Whenever I feel low, something troubling my mind, I prefer to write it out. Write what’s troubling you or even just write something that would make it go away. It’ll distract your mind, that would eventually, stop or reduce the affect of worrying.
  • Exercise – It’s dead simple. A healthy mind and body is less prone to worrying than a diseased one. Keep yourself fit and tidy. Keep adding beauty to your soul, body and mind.
  • Meditate –  Great stress reliever. 5 minutes of deep breathing and you won’t even see “worry”, “worrying”, “trouble” within miles. 5 minute would beat it away.
  • Appreciate What You’ve – Count your blessings, appreciate your family and friends, write out Thank You Notes, appreciate what you love about yourself and the one you love. Even your material things you can’t spend your life without.
  • Be Prepared – Take actions to avoid the problem, that your mind is worrying about. Control what you can, and pray for what you cannot. Give your best, and hope for the best.
  • What’s The Problem, Anyway – Take baby steps to solve it. Keep it real and approach it easy. What’s the problem? What are the best solutions? Prioritize what’s important. Can I fix it? Do I need external help? Plot a graph, if you could. Best case scenario, worst case scenario and the actions to solve the situation in hand.
  • Try to achieve instant happiness Worry is just another “source of unhappiness”. Achieving instant happiness would eventually simmer it down. Also read, “Don’t Worry, just be happy. You’re already free“.


Can you suggest a good read to dig deep why I worry and how to fix it?

Yes, try How To Stop Worrying And Start Living – Dale Carnegie

So, next time, whenever the mind is up to something evil. Just remind yourself…

“It’s not time to worry yet” ― Harper Lee